PCH Welcomes Dr. Steffan Carey, DO

PCH Welcomes Dr. Steffan Carey, DO

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Exciting news is coming from Prague Community Hospital. A new physician has been recruited to see patients full time in the clinic and part time in the hospital/ER. Please welcome Steffan Carey, DO as he joins us in late July of 2014. Dr. Carey is currently finishing his training in Family Medicine at OSU-CHS in Tulsa where he is the current Chief Resi­dent. Dr. Carey is from small town Oklahoma. He graduated from El Reno High School in 2002. His undergradu­ate work was complet­ed at OSU Stillwater in 2007 with a degree in human development and family sciences. His wife Amanda is also a resident in Tulsa and Prague hospital hopes to recruit her to join the team as well upon completion of her training. Dr. Car­ey (Amanda) is from Cushing, so she is also an Oklahoma Native. She graduated from Cushing High School. Her undergraduate work was completed at UCO in biology and has two years of fam­ily medicine residency left. They both love to travel but most of all they enjoy spending time with each other and their families. Dr. Carey’s main hobbies are playing the guitar and drums, being out­side as well as garden­ing. They both want to practice in small towns in Oklahoma.

As most people are aware, Dr. Jackson has been scaling back his practice over the last several months. He has started his own clinic in Oklahoma City. Dr. Jackson had intended to work in the clinic once a month to help with administrative du­ties and to see a few pa­tients. However, due to space restrictions in the clinic, Dr. Jackson has agreed to step down to make space for Dr. Car­ey. His last days in the clinic was the end of June. Dr. Jackson will be greatly missed and his contribution to the town and our hos­pital is too tremendous to attempt to put into words.

Again, please help us to welcome Dr. Carey to our clinic and hos­pital. You can start call­ing now to schedule appointments with Dr. Carey at 405-567-2295. The hospital will be hosting a “meet and greet” reception for him and his wife at a date to be announced later.

Along with the an­nouncement of our new provider, we would like to remind the surround­ing area that Prague Hospital has several new capabilities avail­able to our patients. We have in-house pulmo­nary (lung) function testing, Sleep Stud­ies, Wound Care, Bone Density testing for os­teoporosis and OSU’s cardiology team allows us to perform cardiac imaging and stress testing. A recent car­diac event has sparked some interest in heart disease in our area. Lo­cal Prague citizen, Kim Steele, learned first-hand of the dangers of undiagnosed heart disease when she had a myocardial infarction (heart attack) while at a local business. Through the rapid responses of local healthcare mem­bers, she was trans­ported to Oklahoma Heart Hospital where a stent was placed. Her life was saved at mul­tiple instances during her ordeal and Kim re­ports that she feels very blessed that her local hospital and ambulance team were knowledge­able and trained to save her. Kim also states that she had no knowledge of her heart condition prior to her heart at­tack. This is all too often the case with patients in small communities. With the facilities now available locally, test­ing could have been performed based on her risk factors to help prevent these types of circumstances.

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